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Let's Encourage Youngstown City Council "Vote YES!" to Stop Pyrolysis

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Youngstown Residents! Call your city council rep and tell them VOTE YES on the moratorium ordinance. PLEASE JOIN US & encourage City Council to vote to approve the moratorium on Wednesday December 20 Covelli Centre at 5:30 p.m. - a "YES" vote will prevent SOBE's industrial expansion next to downtown!

It will take effect and be in force immediately! 

WHERE & WHEN: Wed, Dec 20, 2023 5:30pm @ Covelli Centre DoubleTree by Hilton Community Room, 229 E Front St, Youngstown, OH 44503

During their next council meeting Wednesday, December 20, council members would impose a moratorium for a period of 12 months on any facility that converts, or attempts to convert, pyrolysis, gasification or combustion of tires, plastics and electronic waste in the city. 

During this 12 month period, council will look into the environmental impact, as well as the public health concerns surrounding SOBE Thermal Energy's plans to use tire scraps to generate heat for downtown businesses

-- WFMJ article,Thursday, December 14th 2023, 6:51 PM EST

By Grace Christopher & Chris Cerenelli


Imposing a Moratorium for a Period of 12 Months on Pyrolysis or Gasification or Combustion of Tires, Chipped Tires, Plastics and Electronic Waste in the City of Youngstown, Ohio Approved December 20, 2023 - READ/SEE DETAILS

list of Climate Mayors and their cities in US
Youngstown Mayor Jamael “Tito” Brown is part of a peer-to-peer network of 468 U.S. city so-called Climate Mayors who have committed to fighting climate change, a project funded by Resource Legacy Fund,
advanced recycling plant not wanted near Danville PA
Unite and Fight, We are Stronger Together: uniting across the miles SOS/Protect Point Twnshp with Sustainable Youngstown/StopSobe in their work to halt these plants and their dangers

Save Our Susquehanna (S.O.S.)/Protect Point Township group includes local residents who live near the proposed site in Northumberland, Danville, Sunbury, Lewisburg, and Selinsgrove. is concerned about the health and environmental impacts of a plastics processing facility being proposed for Point Township in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

pyrolysis plant can't be sited in this zone in Youngstown, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio, a former steel mill city, has invested millions to revitalize the downtown and nearby neighborhoods creating a more livable environment.This will all be jeopardized by SOBE’s plan to place a pyrolysis plant in a Mixed-Use Community zone that prohibits industrial activity.

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