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Pyrolysis Plans by SOBE Rejected by a Youngstown, Ohio City Council Resolution

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

A round of applause followed the Youngstown Ohio City Council unanimously passing a resolution that opposes the Ohio EPA possibly issuing an air permit for the SOBE pyrolysis plant planned for downtown Youngstown.

9-2023 Resolution by Youngstown Ohio City Council opposes pyrolysis plant
Sept. 2023 Resolution by Youngstown Ohio City Council opposes pyrolysis plant

Read entire City Council Resolution #23-8 opposing SOBE plans signed September 27, 2023 by Mayor Jamael Tito Brown.

9-2023 Resolution by Youngstown Ohio City Council opposes pyrolysis plant
Resolution was written by the Climate Change, Environment and Sustainable Technology Committee of City Council (Anita Davis, Chair, 6th Ward; Basia Adamczak, 7th; Julius Oliver, 1st)

In turn many council persons thanked SOBE Concerned Citizens and their allies for working on this issue.

Youngstown City Council is standing in solidarity, after formally passing a resolution opposing the waste-to-energy plant that is working to move into the city.

It was a room full of concerned neighbors who continue to say they don't want the plant in their backyards.

"This is an environmental justice issue and we can not allow a pyrolysis plant to set up shop here in this community," said Jessica Conard, Appalachia Director with Beyond Plastics.

"With Ohio Edison, it was an outcry from the community," explained Julius Oliver, First Ward Councilman. "It's the same with SOBE. It was an outcry from the community that's saying we don't want this."

While the legislation does not have actionable power, it does sound the alarm to the EPA as the company awaits its final permits.

"The next step is to make sure all the state agencies know that the city is against this," Limbian explained. "And that it's now a matter of the zoning board to make some determinations about whether or not it can pass through the city agencies."

Several members of the public spoke out about focusing on zoning regulations moving forward that could put a stop to SOBE's plans.

"...council voted unanimously to oppose an EPA permit for SOBE to incinerate tire chips to produce synthetic gas at its plant near downtown Youngstown.

“'Thank you, city council and thank you, Mayor Tito Brown, for standing with the people to fight SOBE,' said Diana Shaheen, who opposes SOBE."

The council resolution states that “the allowance of such untested and dangerous technology would have a long-term disastrous environmental impact in Youngstown in contravention of the city’s determination to have environmental equity and a safe community.”

WFMJ VIDEO Friday, September 15th 2023 (NOTE - WFMJ video will play at this url if it doesn't play below):

WKBN VIDEO September 20, 2023

9-2023 Resolution by Youngstown Ohio City Council opposes SOBE pyrolysis plant
Citizens attending the September 20, 2023 Youngstown City Council Meeting filled the room

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