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Press about the campaign & SOBE Thermal Energy's plan

Nov. 18, 2021: "PUCO signed off on deal"

July 6, 2022 "Renovations promote clean energy at thermal heating complex in Youngstown," WKBN.

Aug 11, 2022: "Community not sold on potential recycling facility in Youngstown," Desirae Gostlin

October 7, 2022 "SOBE waste-to-energy proposal raises questions," WFMJ.

October 12, 2022 "SOBE Energy Solutions CEO Answers to Resident's Safety Concerns"

October 12, 2022 "Youngstown residents voice concerns with new energy plant"

October 20, 2022 "YSU gets steamy with SOBE"

November 10, 2022, "Concerned citizens ask city to consider alternative energy source," WKBN.

January 20, 2023, "New billboard protests SOBE Thermal Energy plant in Youngstown," WFMJ.

February 3, 2023 "STOP SOBE THERMAL ENERGY - Youngstown Ohio w/ Lynn Anderson and Silverio Caggiano" podcast episode for GrassRoot Ohio.

February 17, 2023 Public Town Hall Meeting features speaker on hazardous air pollution similarities between East Palestine "controlled burn" at the derailment and possible emissions at SOBE's proposed plant:

March 22, 2023  Youngstown City Council forms new Climate Committee, invites Sil Caggiano of BEN and SOBE Concerned Citizens to speak:

March 30, 2023 Dorothy Day Roundtable and SOBE Concerned Citizens  town hall meeting kicks off citizen petition-signing on a zoning opinion to keep SOBE

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