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City of Youngstown Commended for Filing Appeal to the Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) to Revoke Permit Issued to SOBE by OH EPA

SOBE Concerned Citizens Commend the City of Youngstown for Filing an Appeal to the Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) to Revoke the Air Pollution Permit Issued to SOBE by OH EPA


March 18, 2024


SOBE Concerned Citizens  330-333-8410

Lynn Anderson   330-792-0428

Susie Beiersdorfer   330-881-1050

YOUNGSTOWN - SOBE Concerned Citizens announce that the City of Youngstown has submitted an appeal to the Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) for the OHEPA’s decision to grant a Final Air Pollution Permit to SOBE Energy Solutions. ERAC hears and resolves appeals from various final actions of the OHEPA and other state agencies. The commission is made up of three people appointed by the Governor. 

The OHEPA granted SOBE Thermal Energy an air pollution permit on February 14, 2024, and on March 15, 2024 the Youngstown City Law Director submitted an appeal to ERAC, requesting that the permit be revoked. Read the appeal here: 2024.03.15 Notice of Appeal.pdf

SOBE Concerned Citizens (SCC) support Youngstown’s Mayor, City Council and Law Director’s submission of this appeal. It is another tool, along with the Mixed-Use Community zoning laws and the one year Moratorium Ordinance passed by the city, that will stop SOBE Thermal Energy’s industrial expansion next to our revitalized downtown. Read the Moratorium Ordinance here: ORD-23-470.pdf

SOBE Concerned Citizens’ legal counsel feel that the appeal to ERAC is a strong and well-researched appeal and SCC is grateful for the work the city is doing to prevent the siting of a pyrolysis plant in downtown Youngstown where public health protections are of utmost importance.

SOBE Concerned Citizens continue to inform and unite Youngstown residents in protecting our community from toxic air pollution. We reiterate that SOBE Thermal Energy is limited to operating only as a steam heating and cooling company as originally permitted by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Please join SOBE Concerned Citizens on Thursday March 21, 2024 at 5:00 pm at the Dorothy Day House for Justice Roundtable at 620 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44502.Free and Open to the Public. The Justice Roundtable, hosted by the Dorothy Day House, invites you into a conversation and reflection on justice-related topics within our community, our nation, and our world.  Lynn Anderson, organizer of SOBE Concerned Citizens of Youngstown, will speak about the recent OHEPA decision to grant an air pollution permit to SOBE Thermal Energy Systems, and the zoning regulation and moratorium ordinance keeping Youngstown residents protected from this untested pyrolysis operation. download March 21 Roundtable flier

Contact and information: SOBE Concerned Citizens and Sustainable Youngstown’s phone: 330-333-8410

SOBE Thermal Energy Youngstown Ohio
205 North Ave Youngstown, OH 44502

SOBE Thermal Energy Youngstown Ohio
205 North Ave Youngstown, OH 44502

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