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Will It or Won't It?

Updated: Apr 22

Will the "co-generation plant in Lowellville [be built or not?] The plant would shred and recycle materials such a rubber tires and plastics and convert the waste into synthetic gas feedstock for the Youngstown operation." Lowellville Completes Canoe Livery Project, First Phase in Riverfront Park - Business Journal Daily | The Youngstown Publishing Company,

"He explained that the company has plans to build a tire and plastics recycling facility in Lowellville that is able to convert this waste into reusable gas. That gas would be trucked to Youngstown to serve its boiler system"

Another audio: " In Youngstown, I will not be using plastics and electronic waste - that will be in Lowellville. In Youngstown, Ohio, I will be only using tires.....So I am still going to do plastics and E waste but I'm not doing that at the Youngstown plant downtown. That plant is solely designated for tires."

"We will create clean energy, a tremendous amount of jobs we're bringing to the Valley(? or value) about a 100, 150[???] jobs that we're bringing to the Valley/value. Now 30 will go in Youngstown, and 20 will be at our hub in Lowellville, [will have]external companies as well - bringing in data center[crypto mining op?], plastics manufacturing. That way we'll have enough plastics to feed our system."

"Lowellville - they have a lot to offer. It's land that's right on the rail, which will be important for us to be able to move bi-directionally shipping our byproducts out and receiving tires and plastics at the site."

flier of baby doll in Lowellville ohio to educate about chemical recycling
The Only Thing We Want Exploding in Lowellville is the Baby Doll

A railway spur from Norfolk Southern could be installed. For reference:

"On January 20, 2021, the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) approved a $50,000 grant to Freepoint Commodities to assist with the installation of a rail spur at an existing facility in Obetz, Franklin County.  This building will be the new site of a plastics-to-fuel operation, where Freepoint Commodities will be recycling plastics into synthetic oil.  The company will be investing approximately $60 million at the project site and will create 60 new jobs as a result of this investment.

"Freepoint Commodities ... trades commodities such as gas and oil, coal, emissions, metals and concentrates, and agricultural products, as well as provides retail solutions and logistic services.  Freepoint also has significant experience in the ownership of capital assets such as refiners, solar farms, peaker plants and pipelines.  Freepoint will be leveraging their existing supply chains in order to source raw materials for its Obetz facility, which will use pyrolysis to transform the recycled plastics into usable energy products.  Approximately 300 tons per day of waste plastic will be processed at the facility creating 1500 barrels of synthetic fuel, a type of fuel that is 14 percent less greenhouse gas intensive as virgin crude oil."  Ohio Rail Development Commission(ORDC), January 20, 2021,

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