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Dorothy Day House- Youngstown Roundtable: SOBE Pyrolysis Updates! March 21 @5pm

Youngstown UPDATES on vital SOBE issues

March 21, 2024 hosted by Dorothy Day House - Youngstown

5 pm Thurs EVENT:

620 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44502

Lynn Anderson, organizer of SOBE Concerned Citizens of Youngstown, will speak about the one year moratorium on pyrolysis, the recent Ohio EPA decision to grant a permit to SOBE Thermal Energy Systems, and the next steps for defending health & safety of Youngstown residents against this untested thermochemical* operation.

FREE - PUBLIC The Justice Roundtable, hosted by the Dorothy Day House, invites you into a conversation and reflection on justice-related topics within our community, our nation, and our world.

FLIER to download below -

* Pyrolysis & related processes have many names: thermochemical processes, thermal cracking, advanced recycling, non-mechanical recycling technology, purification, feedstock (thermal conversion) recycling, hydrothermal treatment (including carbonisation, liquefaction, and supercritical water gasification), gasification (including direct, indirect, and plasma), plastics renewal, molecular recycling, depolymerization, slow pyrolysis, torrefaction, fast pyrolysis, flash pyrolysis, microwave-assisted, and ultrafast–all classified as incineration, liquefaction, solvolysis, methanolysis, glycolysis.

poster for  Dorothy Day House - Youngstown March 21, 2024 5pm
Dorothy Day House - Youngstown March 21, 2024 5pm

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