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SOBE Concerned Citizens Testify To US EPA and US State Dept.

Updated: Feb 15

February 7, 2024 Beyond Plastics gave testimony to the US EPA in Washington, D.C., and invited SOBE Concerned Citizens to remotely speak as one of the frontline communities being threatened by pyrolysis. We gave testimony to the EPA and recommended that the Biden Administration actively oppose chemical recycling during the upcoming UN Plastics Treaty negotiations. On February 8, 2024 Beyond Plastics gave testimony to the State Department, and once again invited SCC to testify as an Environmental Justice community of concern.

Beyond Plastics presented the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) report revealing that the lobbyist group for the petrochemicals industry, the American Chemistry Council* has financed a report by Argonne Labs that (falsely!) presents "chemical recycling" of plastics as a great solution to the plastics recycling problem in the U.S. IPEN and Beyond Plastics also jointly produced an extensive 161 pp report last autumn, Chemical Recycling: A Dangerous Deception (free download)

*It is problematic that ACC is constantly mistaken for ACS!

The ONLY thing industry-funded American Chemistry Council[ACC] (NOT to be mistaken for the accredited American Chemical Society, [ACS]) does is disseminate propaganda touting “advanced recycling”, “chemical recycling,” and all the thermochemical-related methods as a false solution to the problem of plastics recycling nationwide.

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