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Grassroot Ohio podcast on SOBE

Updated: May 15, 2023

Listen to this episode of the GrassRoot Ohio podcast with Carolyn Harding talking to Lynn Anderson and Silverio Caggiano about their work to protect Youngstown, Ohio from a toxic industry setting up in the center of town, all in the name of "Recycling."

Lynn Anderson is an Organizer for SOBE Concerned Citizens of Youngstown, OH, Treasurer of Youngstown Community Bill of Rights, and Board Member TreezPlease. Silverio Caggiano is a retired Youngstown Ohio Fire Department Battalion Chief and HazMat/WMD Specialist and team member of 39 years. He’s retired from the State of Ohio HazMat/WMD Technical Advisory Committee where he assisted the state build HazMat/WMD teams to quantify and qualify equipment and to educate and advise the state EMA.

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